Barcelona Chair Buying Guide

barcelona chairWe know Barcelona chairs as nothing but simple lounge chairs. The question is how did it become so famous to the point that it’s getting difficult to buy this chair or even find this chair in furniture shops? The answer to that is because the cost of the production of a Barcelona chair and that many prefer having made to order chairs in order for them to have the color and the kind of leather they choose used in the making of such.

Is your mind fixed into buying yourself your own Barcelona chair? Then here’s a guide to help you in choosing the one and only perfect Barcelona chair for you.

1.) The Cost

Well, we had this coming. The Barcelona chair is, after all, of vintage origin. When you buy Barcelona chairs, you can always expect them to be of high quality when their price is higher. If you even come across a cheap one — let’s say ranging for three hundred to four hundred pounds — remember to think about buying that for a moment.

For a Barcelona chair to be cheap basically means that the retailer or the manufacturer has been using low quality leather that doesn’t even cover all the corners and sides of the cushion, a very hollow steel frame, low grade steel that is less than the required or recommended 12 mm thickness for chairs, very cheap foam that makes the chair very uncomfortable for the users, and cushion buttons the go flying odd after a few days or weeks. We could go on but we think we made our point.

2.) The Comfort

The thing that makes this one reason to be very important is that once people sit on a cheap Barcelona chair, they get put off by the thought of getting themselves a Barcelona chair. High quality Barcelona chairs should make sure that you are given a very comfortable experience by using soft cushions. As opposed to this, low quality ones are those with rather stiff cushioning and gives little to no comfort the user at all.

3.) The Longevity

Well, everyone wants their pieces of furniture to last long enough that it would seem like it lasts forever. Customers expect their furniture to at least last a good ten years. A good Barcelona chair should last for more than 10 years time and, if you think about it properly, how do you even expect a £300 to last? It definitely won’t live for at least 10 years that much we can tell you. Low quality Barcelona chairs that costs so little tend to only last a minimum of 6 months.

This is what we call the quality tipping point wherein the difference of low quality and high quality Barcelona chairs are seen by how they age. Low quality ones age badly while well-built ones age gracefully. Remember that a good Barcelona chair gains character as it ages.

4.) The Material

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the lower the price of a Barcelona chair is, the more you can expect the leather being used for it be PU which is an imitation of leather and is actually just plastic or even simple fabric.

5.) Chosen by Architects and Interior Designers

This reason speaks for itself and we all know why. Whenever these kinds of people start recommending this furniture to others, you can really trust that the chair you’re about to buy is of high quality and has passed the requirement for it to withstand the rigorous commercial environment.

6.) Happy Customers

You can tell if a furniture shop selling Barcelona chairs are of high quality when it has positive reviews about their products. That is something you don’t see in retailers and manufacturers who sell cheap ones. Remember that there is a reason why such items that are usually expensive are sold at a cheap price. You get what you pay, after all.

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Here’s how you identify a genuine versus a fake one:

Top 3 Tips in Buying Your Furniture Online

white-and-purple-kitchen-furniture-decorationsAfter moving into a new house, buying furniture is the next on the list. Most of us want to have cheap furniture and if possible, we’d like a few hand-me-downs. However, whether we’re just too busy to do actual furniture shopping or too lazy, we end up resorting to buying them online. Sounds like a great idea because there’s no unnecessary hassle in lining up at the counter and having to fight tooth and nail with other customers over one piece of furniture. Here are some tips to help you in your quest for easy furniture shopping!

1.) Find an online store that is definitely your style

The thing is if you want the inside of your house to look neat and practically scream you, then you’re going to want to have furniture that suits you. If you don’t, then things are bound to be odd and there will definitely be some items that DO NOT BELONG THERE no matter how hard you look at it

2.) The Shipping Fee and the Return Policy

Some online stores charge their deliveries whilst some don’t. Looking for online stores with free shipping is your best bet if you want to budget on things better. It might take a while, though. Then there’s the very important return policy of the online store. If your selected store doesn’t have them, then don’t do business with them. Their products might have bad reviews without your knowing and it’s better to be on the safe side that anything else.

3.)  Read about the store and check the reviews they have

Do some research about the online store that you’ve chosen and you can do most of your readings by going to their about page. The quality of the store is determined by the details in their site about them. Their address or contact number should be there for you to be able to contact them in case you have any questions. The reviews are VERY IMPORTANT because that is where you can see if their products and their services are of high quality and if they are worth the money you will be spending.